Vegan in Bremen

Bremen is one of the most vegan-friendly cities in Germany - that's what we want to show you here: With all its gastronomy, restaurants, cafés, bars and sustainable shops, there is a wide range of offers for vegans and those who want to become one. On this page you will find out how diverse the vegan range is and how easy and at the same time delicious a vegan lifestyle can be in the Hanseatic city. In the vegan city guide you will find a list of vegan-friendly restaurants and possibilities to connect with like-minded people.

Veganbar (Findorff)

Admiralstraße 97  |  28215 Bremen  |  Instagram  |  Facebook 

The Veganbar has not only brought the legendary Whöner (vegan kebab) to the Hanseatic city, but also offers falafel, burgers, soups, tarts and changing daily dishes in its bistro. Especially the monthly changing special burger is worth a visit. Here not only the sauces, burger rolls and patties are produced by the company itself, but they also pay attention to organic, regional and seasonal products. In addition to the delicious dishes, there are also various types of ice cream and iced coffee, as well as cocoa, teas and organic soft drinks. The Veganbar was voted among the 100 best vegan restaurants in Germany in 2017 by vanilla bean.

Vegefarm (Viertel)

Hamburger Straße 45  |  28205 Bremen  |  Instagram  |  Facebook 

At first glance, the menu of the Asian restaurant Vegefarm does not look very vegan: They serve chicken, pork, fish and other animal-based dishes. But quickly it becomes clear: These are dishes made of tofu, seitan and soya. This is part of the Buddhist food culture, which retains the animal names in the production of vegetable dishes. In addition to the fixed menu with dishes such as peanut-duck, Goij-Plum lamb or shrimp glass noodle salad, there are also changing lunch menus. The Vegefarm was also voted one of the 100 best vegan restaurants in Germany in 2017.

Nora’s Deli – Organic, Healthy & Delicious

Markthalle Acht  |  Domshof 8-12 28195 Bremen
 Sielwall 55 – 57  |  28203 Bremen  |  Instagram  |  Facebook 

Nora's Deli produces dishes according to the Clean Eating principle. This means that all ingredients are free of additives, preservatives and harmful substances, and that mainly organically grown fruits, vegetables and untreated foods are used. The stalls in Markthalle Acht and Sielwall offer a delicious selection of bowls, curries, porridge, soups, smoothies and sweet trifles. Nora's Deli also offers custom catering. For orders, call 0176 70 92 56 08 or email .

city guide

In the vegan city guide "Bremen liebt Grünzeug" (Bremen loves greenery) you will find a list of other vegan-friendly locations and shops as well as an overview of dates such as vegan regulars' tables, summer festivals and fairs. Especially handy are the tips that show you where to find vegan treats at the main train station, Breminale, Osterwiese and the Freimarkt and Christmas market. There is also an overview of the shops that offer vegan cabbage and pee for cabbage ride events. You can also follow "Bremen liebt Grünzeug" on Facebook and Instagram. The website is German only, but you can activate the automatic translation in your browser. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram for news.

Der Zauberkessel in Walsrode

Bergstraße 12  |  29664 Walsrode  |  email  |  Facebook

The Zauberkessel in Walsrode is a restaurant in medieval style. Mainly hearty dishes are served here, only the honey mead is not vegan. The Zauberkessel is furnished with great attention to detail. As a guest, you feel as if you are in the walls of a medieval castle, the cutlery is hand-forged and the staff wears ancient robes. The extensive menu ranges from goulash to quiche, tarte and casserole to various hearty dishes with seitan and tofu. There are also some Asian-inspired dishes and sweet desserts on the menu. The variety of drinks is enormous, so there are fizzy drinks, tea, hot chocolate and coffee as well as special medieval drinks such as various fruit wines, beer, liqueurs or schnapps. Furthermore, small concerts are held regularly in the magic cauldron. A highlight is also the annual medieval market. Translated with (free version)

© Pictures: Zauberkessel Walsrode

Vengo – die Gemüseküche

Ostertorsteinweg 91  |  28203 Bremen  |  Instagram  |  Facebook

Vengo serves delicious, healthy cuisine from all over the world, fromsiatisch über orientalisch bis mediterran. Alles Asian to Oriental to Mediterranean. Everything is fresh and fast, on the spot or to go. In the cozy restaurant at Ostertorsteinweg, you can choose from soups, pasta, curry, and antipasti platters, as well as an extensive salad bar that can be combined with hummus and fresh bread to create a main course. There's also a daily changing selection of cakes and pies, as well as chocolate mousse and coconut rice pudding. Vengo offers a weekly menu and freshly squeezed juices. All food and drinks can also be ordered via Lieferando .

Pressgut (Viertel)

St.-Jürgen-Straße 132  |  28203 Bremen  |  Instagram  |  Facebook

Across from the Mitte Hospital is the Pressgut store, where you can get the regular soups and juices, as well as changing meals like burgers, pasta, or salads. First and foremost, Pressgut makes gently pressed juices and juice cures from fruits and vegetables, as well as healthy soups and stews. But in their store, they also offer rotating daily specials like quinoa burgers, zucchini spaghetti, wild herb salads and the like. They also have sweet trifles. On Saturdays, you can find Pressgut at the farmers' market in Findorff. Furthermore, you can get the juices and soups from Pressgut in some supermarkets like Edeka or Rewe. You can also rent the room of Pressgut for your party or let Pressgut do the catering for your party.


Happy Cow is a platform where vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants, cafés, delivery services and organic shops are super easy to find via interactive maps. The locations are entered by the community itself – often directly with a menu as well as helpful ratings, photos and opening hours. You can use the website for free without registration. Happy Cow is also available for free as an app for your Android smartphone or can be bought for 4.49 € in the AppStore.


Are you looking for like-minded vegan people in Bremen or do you just want to be up to date with the latest events and offers of vegan restaurants? Then join the Facebook group "Bremen is(s)t vegan".

Delicious recipes

Here you will find an overview of savoury and sweet dishes that do not require any meat substitutes and are totally suitable for everyday use, as well as a free eBook with recipes that have been optimised in line with nutritional research.