Here you will find material for your actions such as flyers, posters or PDFs with chalk messages for inspiration. If you have material that you would like to make available to all animal rights activists, please send us a message. There is also a new Facebook group with creative action ideas for everyday life. Good luck and thanks for your commitment.

Flyers about the dairy, meat and egg industry

Two flyers that provide information about the dairy, meat and egg industry. After printing, simply cut the snippets to tear off. You can attach them to wide traffic lights, power boxes, bus stops or notices in the supermarket.

Drei Oster-Flyer

Diese drei A4-Flyer für Ostern zum Ausdrucken informieren über das Schicksal der Hühner, Lämmer und Kaninchen. Die URL auf dem Flyer verlinkt zu unserer Oster-Seite, auf der es auch Tipps und Rezepte für ein tierleidfreies Ostern gibt.

Vegane Weihnachtsrezepte

Ein Flyer, der auf das besondere Leid der Tiere, insbesondere Gänse, zur Weihnachtszeit aufmerksam macht. Interessierte können sich Schnipsel mit einem Link zu veganen Rezepten abreißen.

Inspiration for chalking actions

A PDF with helpful tips for your animal rights chalking event and more than 40 inspirational images. Just download the PDF so you don't have to search for vegan messages on your phone when you're out on the streets.

Template demo signs DIN-A3

This PDF contains 27 sign templates with animal rights messages that you can use in demonstrations. It is best to laminate the paper afterwards for a longer durability.